Blog Copywriting

Blog Copywriting is different to regular copy. Writing for the web in a way that gets the attention of search engines and human beings is an art form and a science.

Thankfully we are masters of both, and write engaging copy for your website that also attaches to the right searches. Because after all, it’s all about customers who are looking for you, and they find you through search engines. There’s nothing to be gained by having the wrong customers land on your site, whilst the right ones go sailing by.

Let us create the perfect lighthouse to draw customers to your shores.

Blog & Web Copywriting Services:

We can review your current site and improve the copy for you.

We can also start from scratch, creating an engaging story on your online presence that entices customers to stick around.

Want a complete tightly designed brand story built for your online and offline presence?  Get us involved and we’ll help you create a rich branding that people will love.

If you want ongoing updates, stories, articles and social media to make your site come alive and be continuously engaging for customers, we offer attractive rates and packages. Stay fresh in peoples minds with thoughtfully planned and targeted updates.