Golden Hat from Pratchett's "Going Postal"

Terry Pratchett novels

I’ve been accused on more than one occasion by my sweet and loving wife that I only read Terry Pratchett novels and nothing else.  She then points out that she […]

Singham Poster

Singham – Movie Review

Singham (2011) Movie Review I recently watched Singham which is an Indian film from 2011 about an honest cop freeing a town from a corrupt officialdom and a murderous crime boss. […]

Hebrew Hammer Movie Poster

Hebrew Hammer – Movie Review

Hebrew Hammer (2003) Movie Review This is the greatest film you’ve never heard of. Santa’s been killed, Christmas is in trouble, and an evil chap is bent on wiping Hannukah […]

Looking to buy a digital camera?

So, you’re looking at buying a camera for yourself, or even as a great gift for someone! When you go to buy a digital camera the store person will inevitably […]

Stealth (2005) Movie Review

Stealth – Movie Review

Stealth – 2005 2 minute movie review. Stealth is a film about a military experiment in long distance tactical strike fighter planes. One of the military geniuses decides that it’d […]