Career Coaching

In a career rut? Finding it hard to climb the corporate ladder? Or just wanting to make a change?

I have the skills and experience to help you whatever the situation. I’ve helped people through redundancies and company failures. Assisted mums return to work after children. Worked with University graduates to ensure they get the best career jump start and the highest return on the investment they’ve made in their education.

With a Degree in Psychology, and having worked in fields as varied as social work, communications, IT and sales, I can work with you to build a plan that will take your career to where you want it to be. I’ve been headhunted, knocked out through company wide redundancies, and everything in between. I know how it feels to be on the edge of a career and not know how to get to the other side where you really want to be.

Often the block stopping people from reaching that next step is not education or experience, but the confidence to step into the unknown. That step is made a lot easier with a concrete plan and the practical assistance I provide. My Career Coaching is about pragmatic and useful processes and steps to make your personal career goal achievable.

I assess your goals, your current position, and work with you to unlock any barriers between you and success. I develop practical, achievable steps to go through to reach your goals, and will help you stay focused. This can be a one off career planning session, or we can arrange ongoing support and mentoring.

What Sort of Steps Do We Take?

Listening to you and your goals. This is the most important part but so many coaches don’t really do it. They’re so excited to get you going “on the journey” that they don’t truly listen to what destination you’re travelling toward!

Assess your goals – are they achievable and practical? I get to the core issue and help you work out exactly what you want from life and career. Sometimes changing jobs simply isn’t going to fill the void!
(Whilst not a psychologist, I find my Psychology Degree makes me a pragmatic listener and level headed colleague. No sofa and counselling session, just sensible advice)

Look over your resume – do you have the skills and experience to make that jump? For almost every one of my clients it’s been yes, they just need my writing skills to sell their career to an employer!

Education & Training options – I’ve worked in the tertiary education sector for many years and know the millions of ways you can fit practical and respected training around work and home life. If you think University is too expensive there are several pathways to gaining free or subsidised education at major universities.

Take a “whole life” approach to the issue. I don’t just look at your skills and ignore that you’re looking after an aging relative and have three kids. A realistic set of steps are the ones you can follow, and that’s what I have the experience to provide!