IT & Marketing Liaison

Are you running a major online advertising project?
Do you have Computer Nerds and Marketing Types trying to work together? 
Are you finding out that these two groups often speak different languages?
Are you an IT Savvy person and have no idea if the Marketing Company is selling you the right product?
Maybe you’re a Marketing Guru but don’t understand what the IT Consultant is talking about?

I’m your Second Opinion & Independent Third Party, well versed in both sides of the story.

IT & Marketing are two very different peas, often forced together into the same pod. Or corporate meeting room. Are your two groups trying but failing to find a common language?

Any advertising campaign will have a major online presence – even if you’re only using traditional media. Social Media alone can sink your company these days. Every good ad agency or marketing department will focus on promoting and controlling your online brand, and that means working with the IT people. IT & Marketing people can be very different and both require managing in different ways to maximise performance. You need someone who works for you that can speak fluent Computing and fluent Marketing.

I can translate and more. With 16 years experience in major IT infrastructure projects, and tertiary qualifications in Communications, I’m perfectly placed to be the liaison between these two unique groups of specialists.

I speak fluent computing, from local small web providers and designers all the way up to enterprise level Amazon & Microsoft Cloud Solutions. I’ve managed IT projects at Senior Levels and have a finely tuned ability to tell when vendors are overselling their product. I’m also able to translate your needs into their language, speeding up negotiations for you.

I am also fluent in Marketing. I’ve been involved in national advertising campaigns spanning web and traditional media and been the IT & Marketing Liaison for major Brisbane entities. I know how to get the best out of Marketing people and agencies, and ensure that they’re leveraging every possible resource to make sure your money is going to convert to sales.

What Is This Service?

  • Our Liaison Service is Unique but often Essential
  • I act as a liaison and if necessary, project manager, between two very very different groups – IT and Marketing
  • I speak both of their unique languages, and have the interpersonal and team leadership background to get communication flowing
  • Ensure that your advertising budget is being spent in the most effective way
  • Best of all, I’m not financially linked to either side – making my advice completely impartial
  • Can be booked one off (eg: vendor meeting, initial team planning) or for regular meetings at key points
  • Reasonable rates and available for your schedule

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