Proofreading is more than just grammar and spelling. It is about understanding the content and the intent. A good proofreader will not just make sure the words flow well, they’ll put themselves truly in the shoes of the audience and decide if your work is hitting the mark.

That’s where we come in of course!

I have a Bachelors level education, over 15 years experience in corporate environments, and a keen eye for how communication is meant to work. Real world experience counts – computers can spell check but it takes experience and judgement to fine tune your documents to deliver maximum impact.

If you have a document from a simple letter to clients all the way up to a full technical treatise I can ensure it is of the highest quality. More than that, I’ll make sure it works as you intended it to.

Proofreading Available For:

  • Website and Advertising Copy
  • Marketing materials
  • Client communications
  • Email campaigns
  • Scripts & Audio/Visual Advertising
  • Assignments – University assignments proofread at very reasonable rates
  • Novels, plays, poems – we can go over your creative projects
  • Entertaining Graffiti spellchecked at reduced rates 😉