Resume Writing Services

Resumes, Cover Letters, and Selection Criteria. They’re your first and only chance to make a good impression and get your name at the top of the list for interview. Our Resume Writing Services make sure that you hit the top of the list and stay there!

I’ve been writing job applications for people for over 15 years. All types of industry and all levels of job.

Government & Tertiary Education?
We are the specialists!

Are you applying for the Public Service, Government or Tertiary Education sectors?
Are you aware of the differences they have in application style guides?
Do you know how easily you can be knocked out of the running?

I specialise in these Public Service and Education areas, and have worked in them and written for them for years. It’s incredibly easy to be pushed out of the successful applicant pile and into the bin. I know how to write for them in a way that will keep your application at the top of their “must interview” list.

One strike and you’re out.

Ask any private sector company or small business what it’s like to put up a job ad, and they’ll tell you they’re swamped with hundreds of sometimes poorly written resumes and letters. Even well paid professional jobs will gain hundreds of applicants, and it’s not getting any less competitive. The unfortunate reality is that if your resume isn’t perfect you’re probably wasting a lot of your time!

Many of these hundreds of applicants will make simple errors with their resume – and these go straight in the bin.

Employers are looking for any reason to cut you from the pile – otherwise they simply won’t be able to manage the numbers of applications.

Our resume writing services ensure that your skills experience and talent are showcased perfectly every time, so you stay in the pile and rise to the top!

Hand crafted to the highest standard.

We don’t just write your resume, we master craft it. We put it together with care, piece by piece and then we double check everything. We polish it until it gleams. We take everything about you that makes you the perfect candidate for that specific job, and we put it together in a package that employers can’t ignore.

Once your resume is shining, we go over it again just to make sure there’s not a single speck on it. Then we make sure you’re happy with it. And only then are we happy with it.

We offer onsite services, anywhere in Brisbane. We come to you at a time that suits, and we make the process simple and enjoyable for you!

Contact us now to get the best resume and job application services you’ve ever seen.