SEO Management

Search Engine Optimisation is the core of online business. SEO Management is a delicate balance of art and science, and the true nature of the beast is hidden behind the curtain at Google HQ. But we can definitely be your Dorothy and guide you along the yellow brick road.

Are you getting lot of visitors but not converting to sales?

Are you not getting any visitors even though you’ve got the best and cheapest product around?
Do you even know if you’re getting visitors?
How are you measuring visits, and keeping an eye on where people are clicking?
Are you using these metrics to refine and build your online presence more effectively?

Well designed SEO is “simply” the act of making content that is appealing to humans and readable to computers. Of course, there’s a lot more to it than that, and that’s where we come in. The SEO industry is awash with snake oil salesmen promising to rule Google within the week, but the simple fact is that only Google could do that. Don’t be taken in by unscrupulous fly by night traders promising you the impossible.

What we do is a top level approach to SEO Management. “Build a good website and the visitors will come” is too simplistic but as always it’s a good place to start. By balancing the acts of getting visitors to you, and giving them a reason to stay and read, doesn’t just build good SEO – it builds relationships!

Of course, search engines are heartless computing farms determined to populate their searches with only the most optimised results – and we oblige by ensuring that your site is not only well designed, but highly visible. Tips, tricks and tweaks, they’re all in our arsenal to give you the best placement in search engines and bring the best visitors to your site. The ones who are looking for exactly what you’re selling! 

SEO Management

  • From scratch web design & SEO design
  • SEO tune up and maintenance
  • Metric & Measurement of visitors and clicks
  • Assistance in setting up and measuring ad campaigns
  • AdWords campaigns
  • Facebook/Twitter/Instagram metrics and campaigns
  • Social Media grass roots campaigns

So if you’re not doing well in searches, or if visitors are flocking to you but not buying, maybe your site needs an SEO tune up. Let our SEO business specialist look over your site and business design and make sure that you’re getting the right sort of clicks – ones that convert!