Speech writing is a gift. Speeches are incredibly difficult to write in a way that appears natural and conveys complex ideas in easy to understand ways.

They’re not unlike great musical symphonies.

Timing is critical. The Speech’s Cadence needs managing. Content has to be perfect. The psychology of the human brain has to be understood to draw people into your argument. All the parts need to work together to create music that will grab your audience.

A good speech will get you applause, but a great speech will win you loyalty. A great speech will see your audience captivated and willing to follow you into the very jaws of hell. A great speech is the difference between selling a product, and having your brand leading its industry in a revolution.

How does this differ to presentations?

Presentations are multifaceted. They often have Powerpoint, other media, discussions, interactivity. And they’re great for selling products and delivering information. Speeches are a cut above. A presentation is a way to sell a product. A speech is a way to inspire a change in the very fabric of our world.

Speeches are the art of oratory. An art that goes back to Ancient Greeks, cajoling each other in the Parthenon and arguing their cases persuasively through voice and rhetoric alone. Speeches inspire. They create fever, and give goosebumps. If it doesn’t change your physical state it’s not a speech, it’s just words being read aloud. Speeches written well and delivered with passion have been the catalysts that have changed the world. 

But how does this help my business?

If you’re about to launch a new product, service, or a new business, launch it with style. Organise drinks and an evening. Invite some media people. Make a splash. Give the public a show, a song and dance. And whilst they’re there, convince them to follow you into a brave new world. Give them a short and beautiful speech that inspires them to go out into the world and be your sales people. Get the media talking about this new visionary of industry that exists in their own backyard.

Steve Jobs gave speeches dressed as presentations, and he was viewed as the leader of the tech revolution.

Elon Musk gives speeches disguised as press releases, and with that he is the leader of the “smart green” revolution.

What revolution are you leading?