If you’ve come to this page because none of our other services are exactly what you’re looking for, then Wordsmithing is the service for you. I love to write. Absolutely love the process, the expression, the magic of the outcomes. I’m yet to find something I don’t enjoy writing, regardless of how dry it might look to others. Even technical documentation was interesting to write, and that’s about as pale an imitation of creative writing as you can possibly imagine.

I am more than happy to write something for you that doesn’t fit into the boxes that other writers, copywriters, blog typists and freelance creatives squeeze themselves into.

I’m your personal author, writer, blogger, creative mind. If you’ve got an idea but need it written by someone who knows their way around words I’m available.

Are You Thinking Along These Lines:

Do you have a great idea but need a pitch with a bit of novelty and spice to it to sell it to investors?

Are you starting a kickstarter/crowd funded project and need someone to put together a script for a top notch video?

About to propose to the love of your life under the Story Bridge and need a poem and some fancy words?

Designing a game and want someone to help write backstory, lore, as well as marketing copy?

Or do you have a great product but you know that the only way to sell it to the public is to produce and stage a three part rock opera in the park? One which follows the story of two lovers creating a life together in the chaotic aftermath of Post-Socialist Russia? I can definitely do that. In fact, I’d even give you a discount.